Sunday, August 12, 2012

birthday celebrations

last year, a number of friends asked how i wanted to celebrate my birthday. for some reason, i was so drained, that i just wanted some me time. so i didn't do anything.

this year, i needed to make up for it! i have a friend that although i know he treasures me, doesn't remember birthdays, etc. so i have realized i need to tell him what i would like. i decided to do the same with everyone. i wanted to eat yummy treats, and told friends what treats i would love. i made a pinterest page of treats and said surprise me! 

talk about oodles of sugar! it was lovely. allison made the toffee cookie bars. kate and jimmy made banana bread with and with out chocolate chips. julie made smoke cookies. the forum team brought me a mousse cake. jill made individual peach pies. cristi made homemade ice cream. jill made more caramel cookie bars and chocolate mousse cake!! let's just say that i don't need sugar and chocolate for many, many months. 

oh, and i haven't made chocolate chip cookies for months. birthday eve seemed like the perfect time to make them again!

 kate and the b-day sign and banana bread and birthday balloons!

the sugar comma . . . 

jill decorated my house!!

greatest boss-family ever gave me GORGEOUS flowers

some of my favorite people at my favorite pizza place!

how i love nick and mary at nicola's pizza!

back at home for jill's yummy dessert: individual peach pies!

tragically i don't have a picture, but sarah created a fabulous song about me and memories she collected from dearest friends! who does that!?!? it was truly a beautiful, beautiful day. i was so grateful for the life that had brought me such people. it couldn't have, however, ended before it began and i would have been honored and celebrated . . .  my parents sent me a beautiful cream quilt for my bed. i am sooo excited about having a cream quilt in the fall/winter. becca wrote me a beautiful blog post - i want to be half of the things she wrote about. and my sisters sent beautiful images they had created so that i feel their hugs all around my home. sooo blessed. sooo lucky!

i also decided that i wanted to have a get-away for my bday weekend. so i headed to rockport, ma. i found an inn that didn't make me stay for 2 nights - most have such a rule. it was a DREAM!  i got there after work on friday and took a nap. then explored rockport for some food and a book. i found a book about the local history and read while i ate yummy and fresh fish and chips. then found an ice cream spot, walked around, and headed home to the Olympics and bed. 

the next morning i got up with the sun and just laid there for a while. then got up and headed to the breakfast downstairs with my book. i thought about going walking, but decided to lay back down - because i could! i slept until 11 and got up and got ready for the day. i checked out and read on the great lawn (pic above) over looking the water. then headed out to explore some more. i found  a great bird necklace, found gelato (strawberry balsamic and sea salt caramel - YUM!). the place i wanted to go to lunch was crowded, so i decided to head to the outlets just a bit north.

after monstrous traffic - grr - i got there and found some things for my upcoming europe trip (HOORAY!!). i headed back to eat, found more ice cream and went to a 10 PM showing of Step-Up 4. talk about a beautiful weekend!!

happy, happy 34th!!

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becca said...

Wow! Sounds a like a pretty rockin birthday. You sure have a lot of people who love you!