Monday, December 3, 2012

i am a mormon

i have been thinking about this phrase a bit. during Thanksgiving, i was home in alpine and there was a Sunday School lesson about being called a mormon. yesterday i taught a lesson in primary about Mormon giving the plate to Moroni. it had me thinking about what type of man Mormon was and the the father he was that Moroni was the type of and powerful disciple who would be willing to wander for 34 year alone because he would not deny Christ. i wondered about the experiences that Moroni must have had that his relationship with Christ was so strong. 

in remembering more about them from the scriptures (Mormon was 10 years old when he was told to take care of the plates when he was 24 years old). At 15 he saw Jesus Christ. At 16 he was in charge of the Nephite armies. he was a man who while leading the armies and desperately trying to help them come until Christ, lead them through battles with the Lamanites, ALL while he combined the records and created the Book of Mormon. 

the prophet Mormon was a man who was firm in his faith in Jesus Christ. he did everything he could to lead others to the peace and power of knowing and following the Son of God. 

if someone were to say, "You are a Denise," i would be THRILLED! that is my mom and i am constantly wanted to be like her. if someone were to say, "You are a Roland," again, i would be DELIGHTED because i desperately want the calm and patience and wisdom of my dad. 

the fact that i get to call myself a Mormon is a pretty incredible thing. i get to be known as one who is trying to pattern my life after a great, great man: a man who didn't get in the way of Christ's love and teachings, a man whose entire life was spent in the service of God. 

i am honored and proud to be a mormon and just hope to really and truly be worthy of such a name. 


becca said...

great thoughts, Em

Endless Days and Northern Nights said... glad I stumbled on this post today Em. These were the most perfect uplifting words that I desperately needed to hear today. Sophie was asking questions about Mormon the other day...I'm thinking that you just put some pretty great words in my mouth to tell her. You've done it again! Love you girl!

Kris said...

Great post. I want to be a Denise, too!