Sunday, January 6, 2013

favorite things

i was able to match up with my favorite Preece family while we were in st. george over Christmas break. mike was the 1st counselor in the older singles ward when i moved here. somehow, they became my boston family. they were my safe place and where i felt like i was enough. 

and then they moved. to denver. now i have a love/hate relationship with that city.

but we got together to go hiking along some of the trails near snow canyon. jennie was asking how i was doing and what i was doing for fun. like the question, "what are your hobbies?" my mind goes blank. i have no idea what i do for fun. i don't know that i do things as a hobby or fun. so i get a little stressed that i never have a good answer. OR maybe the truth of it is that i don't have what i think are "cool" answers. 

because yesterday, i realized again, just how much i LOVE creating a colorful home. i am working on red and turquoise quilts for january and february decorations. (this is a sneak peak of one).

i truly love creating order and a hom-i-ness in my home. in fact, i often realize that i am smiling all alone as i work. it makes me so happy. here are a few areas i worked on yesterday:

front entry table 

 picture wall in my room
 bookshelf in living room
 sewing table in bedroom. not sure the safety pin will stay like that. it might get hung on the wall . . .
 new pillows for living room. not sure i am in love with them. i think the front need something. 
but i don't want them to be too crazy.

another thing i love doing is studying and preparing for lessons and talks. i had a good reminder this week of why you need to choose friends wisely. a few dear friends have been in charge of choosing speakers and topics for BYU Women's Conference. although i love preparing talks, i get extremely extremely nervous. and stress out. this year i have a dear dear friend on the committee and figured out a way to have me speak - again!! so may 2nd and 3rd i'll be at BYU stressing and maybe passing out while giving a talk. until then i will be stressing lots, but anxiously preparing as well. if you have any thoughts, just holler!!


ellen said...

don't invite me over because i might steal that red/teal quilt.

sarah said...

I love your giant safety pin!

Embrace your passion and hobbies. They are beautiful and amazing - just like you.