Wednesday, January 2, 2013

my journal

My thoughts about journaling:

When I found a little notebook from the grandma I never knew that had a grocery list, random list, and the a thought about the Savior, I realized that I knew more about her personally than all the stories my mom had told me. I also realized that I didn't need to write out the events or stories of my life.

Separately, I remembering having a thought in Sunday school. I remember thinking how I wished I had something to write my thought in. It just a piece of paper, but somewhere to record thoughts I received from the Lord.

So with these two thoughts, I started taking a journal with me to church, and used it for scripture study as well. Two journals would be too overwhelming for me, so all my life and thoughts go into one!!

I use a journal with no lines, because I like to write certain words in different Sizemore fonts, etc, to highlight things that stick out to me. I love the freedom of the direction I write and the sizes. I like that I don't confine my thoughts in any way. In some subconscious way, I think it doesn't limit me from only accepting certain thoughts from The Lord.

I choose colored pens based on my mood. :)
I just write. I link thoughts. I draw a lot of connecting lines. I don't stress about things fitting on a line. I just write. :)

I'll send pictures.

Mainly, especially because I am alone most of my life, it is a place where I am honest with my thoughts and fears in my journal. Often times, I write soppy at those times!! It is also the place I prove to the Lord I am trying and willing to capture and hold onto the thoughts and insights I receive.

I love my journals. I rarely review them. But when I do, I love to think about the journey I have been on and where I will be next.

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