Tuesday, January 15, 2013


i just got back from another wonderful weekend in the big apple. i rode the train down. talk about heavenly. no security. no getting there sooo early. 15 minutes before and you are good to go. there are outlets at each seat. foot rests. and smooth. no traffic.

on the way down, i worked on some of the presents i was making for baby grace millie doxford:

onesie . . . 

watching the amazing spiderman while stitching

i wish i had made the blanket, but alas, target did. 

yes, my nails are done - we did manicures and pedicures. then with dox we grabbed cupcakes and ice cream and then off to get their crib, stroller, etc. below is just a bit of the truly beautiful things em and dox received. they are so beloved. 

i wish there were words to describe how i love and adore and truly cherish the moments i get to be with em and dox. i am amazed at the depth and power i feel just being with them. my walls go down and i am all of myself. and am safe to share the corners of my heart. 

ps just playing with photobooth while i tried to do ichat with the fam . . . liking the black and white ... thanks for letting me share. :)

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ellen said...

I LOVE taking the train to NYC. :)