Wednesday, January 2, 2013

sweet moments

i am sorry to be doing a few posts at once. becca loves when i do this. :) but i am waiting to pick friends up at the airport, so i might as well be productive and not watch a show!

a dear friend in my home ward was teaching a class about journaling. she has often asked me to write my thoughts about how and why i journal. so i did. :) i took pictures of some pages. i'll find what i wrote and make it a post. 

one night i found myself in belmont with about an hour to kill. i hadn't eaten dinner so went to il casal - a restaurant i have hear incredible things about. it was lovely. the service was superb. i was on a date with myself and an book. the waiters were so attentive. and it was divine! (this is mini brussel sprouts and spaghetti)

grabbed ginger molasses ice cream at rancatore's after dinner :)

i am in love with Robin's Egg, a beautiful and fairly expensive antique store i stumbled upon two years ago. it is an hour away and they have the most beautiful things! yes, i bought this for my sewing supplies. :)

bri and i went on a sudden trip up the first weekend of december. yes, i went in my sweats. it was a perfect day!

adventures in cooking. i tried to make a caramel banana cake. it was good - but tasted like banana bread. for the amount of work, it should have tasted like HEAVEN. maybe i'll try again. 

my crazy primary class. christmas party at my place. it was fabulously fun. i will miss them this next year!

the girls at work and i make treats for different departments at work. we made over 30 plates of cookies and i made 4 pans of shortbread = 200 pieces. talk about a mess and yummy!! best recipe! (in fact, i made a pinterest board of the things i have made with notes about the item. 

clay's missionary book comes out today! it's available online at deseret book and amazon. there is an incredible website:  i visited with sister julie beck this past sunday who said it was the most approachable way to think of missionary work that she has seen since her father's thoughts. she didn't want to read a book that told her what more she needed to be doing, this book didn't do that, it just taught with the spirit. 


melimba said...

Love all these new pics! And posts! Good work, girl!

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

um, you are AMAZING. HOW is it even possible for me to know someone as incredible as you? Everytime I read your blog, I kick myself for not taking advantage of being in the same building as you for 2 years! Is I had been smart, I would have been following you around like a lost puppy.
If only I had been smart...

Thank you for being such an incredibly stellar example to me, of knowing who you are, embracing it, and teaching with that knowledge. You seriously inspire me. I MISS YOU!

ellen said...

I love that cabinet! I want to go back to that place. They had so many cool things...I have my eye on a farmhouse table...