Saturday, February 16, 2013


becca inspired me. sorry to be a copy cat, becc! except, i didn't clean up too much. it's just as is. including obviously restarting pandora just before i took the picture!

here is a little tour of my little office. this is what i look at all day everyday. including today. i am pausing work to have fun for a bit today. the pile in front of the the screens are the people i need to respond to. i print out the emails i need to review with clay and take them in when we can chat. then i write his response or what needs to happen on it. so that i can find things easily. it was better than Christmas was i was given the second monitor! i can have the calendar up all the time while i work and change things. the calendar is the driver of all life!

i have this little window that looks out to a hallway. there are a clay's books to advertise just a bit. :) just outside the window is a little food cart. so i get people walking by and looking at random moments. i can be awkward or fun - depending on the person. :)

i put quotes up all over the place to help remind me to be a nice person. one of today's projects is to take them down and put a beautiful fabric up. and then just a few pictures. i love the paper source calendar sitting here so i want to put that up. and i need a picture for the mirror frame one of the professors gave me for Christmas. i am thinking of getting paper boxes for the piles. they are for the various projects we are working on currently, so i need them out, but still neat . . . 

it will be the middle gray one. i cut it this morning and found ribbon to make a "border" so that i don't need to hem it. :)

more quote and books some books clay receives. that would be my cereal bowl - sorry! and the numbers are the count down until i head to california and utah for some events. i am doing suzanne somers eating and it's to help me keep focused and stay eating wisely. :)

there was quite the saga about my wall. it's a long story. but i wanted to have something up that was clay-centric and fun and professional. i had book covers cut into smaller frames that i had him sign. it was cool and not in-your-face. but another profesor didn't like them and a story that is worthy of an Office-episode ensued. so instead, i framed some of clay's Tray-Liner Collection. he collects tray liners from fast food restaurants around the world. he used to have them up on his wall when he worked at BCG to let people know that they were going to work and not eat at fancy-schmancy places! i have the one from Germany on the left. and then i got to be with him when we got the middle one from Finland and the right one from Russia!

i love the girls i work with. there are four of us in our little "quad."  in this space there are 4 desks just like mine. when two of them went to target one day, they brought back stickers and certificates from the dollar section and said that as a teacher, i needed to do something with them. so we have a sticker chart. we get stickers when we do nice things for each other (kate was here, and then moved to a new job. instead of taking her off, we just added molly). :)

clay's office. the proffesor's offices are in a long hall. the "paneling" is actually filing cabinets. smart!

just before you walk into our hallway, you see this. it's from a greek bath in 300 BC. gotta love HBS. there is water surrounding so that it doesn't crumble. but pretty stinking cool!

 happy home away from home!


April Perry said...

Emily, you are so cute! Love your beautiful office.

becca said...

Looks great! It's fun to see again.