Sunday, February 10, 2013


i work for a man who a a masterful and sincere missionary. one day, as i read a beautiful letter from someone who had met with clay, i walked into clay's office with tears in my eyes and asked how he did it? how did he share so freely that people asked for more? i told him i had read his books, i had heard him talk, but i just couldn't figure out how he did it. 

with all humility and no airs, he quietly said he honestly felt like the Lord trusted him. trusted him to open his mouth and invite at every moment possible. and thus, people were lead to him. 

i have thought about this a lot. i have often had the image in my mind of the Lord and the Savior facing a situation and wondering what to do. and then realizing, wait, emily is there and They then moving to another situation because They know i will take care of whatever needed to be taken care of.

but i currently am not sure what situations They would feel this way about with me. i work hard to teach lessons and talks that hopefully bring people to the Savior. but i am not sure what else He can trust me with. i wonder what the Lord trusts me with currently and what i WANT Him to trust me with? this has been the question on my mind as of late. and this is going to be seriously on my mind for the next little bit. 

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