Wednesday, May 29, 2013


i wish i knew a song with the word "london" in it, because i would be singing in my head right now! but i don't. why would i be singing about this little town in the uk? because i get to head there this saturday night. and not for just a little visit, but for a bit more!!

my wonderful boss was a rhodes scholar back in the day. the goal was to have a bit of a get-away for him to write and do some research. we played with a few ideas of going 6 months, or 3 months. what we decided was a chunk of time in june and then a chunk in the fall. because of the orchestrating of details, i get to go with him and his fabulous wife. so for the next bit, i will be exploring and getting to know this sweet town. 

needless to say, i am pretty excited! if you have things you have loved doing in the uk, please let me know!! i haven't ever been!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


last weekend was BYU's Women's Conference. because i obviously have made friends with the "wrong" people - people who are now on the committee for Women's Conference - i was some how asked to speak. as nerve-racking as it was to speak with the famous Brad Wilcox, i learned so many beautiful thoughts and insights in the preparation. 

i thought about writing the talk out, but decided that being in the moment was more important to me, so i taught from an outline. the topic we were given was "Never Check Your Religion at the Door" from a CES fireside Elder Holland gave a few months ago. after talking with the dearest em and bryan doxford, i decided to focus on defining what my religion is and then looking at what doors/thresholds i find myself checking my religion at. 

me and my mama. it was soo comforting to have her ans my constant cheerleader for the two days.

dearest heather. we were counselors at Academy For Girls many moons ago. she had a booth at the sharing stations for emergency preparedness. she is incredible!

day two - the day i spoke. the girls at work knew how stressful choosing the outfit was for me. so asked for a picture. :) for as stressful and as many shopping trips i took, i ended up wearing everything that was old: dress i bought for women's conference 3 years ago; necklace from portland, ME i bought on an adventure months ago; cardigan from our neighbor's sister that was a hand-me-down years ago.

rosemary came with mom and i for both days. i was soo wonderful to have my other mom to spend time with and help calm my nerves. 

the famous Brad Wilcox! such an honor to meet and teach with him.

before the session began, brad clarified that i was single and wasn't dating anyone. i figured he would just tell the ladies to help find me someone. but no, after i spoke, he invited his friend brett to come join us for a minute.

there were a few people . . 5,000 to be exact.

don't worry, i clarified at the beginning that i knew they hadn't come for me and that i was the warm up/opening act for Brad. least they thought i had airs and actually would have imagined them came for me! yeah right - no one knows me except the handful of people i paid to come!

beautiful brooke. that is exactly what we said about her. she and i have been friends since we were 6 years old?? our moms served together in stake relief society i think. we had sleepovers and birthday parties. it was so wonderful to see her!

crummy picture because you can't even see who that is, but it's shelley schroeder - the woman that changed my life in sooo many hundreds of ways. we taught together for 5 years and they were some of my most profoundly influential years. 
AND that is beautiful leah behind her!! Boston hasn't been the same since she left me on grafton street. i miss her in so many little ways. but the little ways that add up to so much. 

and blessed pam norby!!! she was the one to blame for putting my name on the speaking list to begin with. she was on the general Relief Society board and from the very beginning, our hearts seemed to match. she must have been saying she was glad i didn't make a fool out of myself. :)

okay, there you go. i have received so many sweet emails about things i said that touched people. it has been such a tender experience. you know the moments that you wonder what exactly you bring to life? when you wonder what is unique and special about yourself? i have those moments and i wonder. and this was a time when i realized that i just had to open my mouth after having so many intimate moments with the Lord and the Spirit, and He fills it. i am grateful that i have learned that much in life.

some friends have asked more about what i talked about. i thought i would just toss up the outline here. but i want to really put the thoughts together. i should be receiving a recording of my talk in a week, so i will transcribe it and share it. for all the crazies who have asked (crazies whom i am sure my parents have paid to ask to make me feel good!).