Wednesday, May 29, 2013


i wish i knew a song with the word "london" in it, because i would be singing in my head right now! but i don't. why would i be singing about this little town in the uk? because i get to head there this saturday night. and not for just a little visit, but for a bit more!!

my wonderful boss was a rhodes scholar back in the day. the goal was to have a bit of a get-away for him to write and do some research. we played with a few ideas of going 6 months, or 3 months. what we decided was a chunk of time in june and then a chunk in the fall. because of the orchestrating of details, i get to go with him and his fabulous wife. so for the next bit, i will be exploring and getting to know this sweet town. 

needless to say, i am pretty excited! if you have things you have loved doing in the uk, please let me know!! i haven't ever been!


ellen said...

J is for Jealous.

Anonymous said...

Streets of London