Friday, June 14, 2013

national cc cookie day

if you have met me for more than 5 seconds, you will probably know that my most favorite food in the world is chocolate chip cookies. in fact, for my 30th bday, we had chocolate chip cookies and the mini cartons of milk from elementary school (my mom had to drive to slc for a special trip to get them. such love!). 

so you can only imagine my pure delight when a woman walked into my office a few weeks ago with a box in her hands. she said she was looking for Rebecca Snyder. i said, "funny, that is my sister's name. but i am emily." i was thinking that maybe my mom had sent something, or this woman has seen/met becca in Dallas and becca gave her something to bring to me. 

the woman then said, oh yes, these are for you! and then she left. 

the joy and excitement of seeing sooo many beautiful chocolate chip cookies!!! it was National chocolate chip cookie day on May 15th and becca sent me cookies. not only did she send them, but she had thought about this before hand and contacted Butter Girl cookies - which were heavenly!!! - but hand made her a detailed drawing of how to get to my office. 

talk about the ultimate surprise. i have rarely felt so loved!

ps yes, i shared then with my co-workers and then instantly regretted it!! :)

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becca said...

glad she found you!