Sunday, September 29, 2013

36 goals

i had a dream of an experience in june when i got to live in Oxford, England for the month. 

it honestly was a piece of heaven. i loved walking to and from work on cobbled streets. i loved the brisk air. the beautiful flower shop next to my apartment. the rolling hills and meadows on my walks. on and on and on. i didn't do much in the evenings because i didn't really get to know people. i should have gotten to know the guy at the bread shop - he seemed friendly and engaging. but i was also pretty tired since it was a crazy semester leading up to june, that most nights i just read, or watched English Netflix. 

when i sadly said good-bye to lizzy at the airport, i thought about all the down time i had. i started to feel bad that i didn't have some grand project that i was working on, or some stitchery i did. but then told myself to stop and realized that it was okay to just be. 

but i did decide on the airplane back, that i wanted to have more to show for my life. i wanted to be more specific about who i am and what i am accomplishing. so i decided to have 36 goals before i turn 36 next august. it was july when i started the list, so i actually have had 13 months to do things. i thought i would share with the world-wide-web as a way to help me work to get them accomplished!

Thirty-six goals for thirty-six years:

  1. Writing weekly {being published in two books this year. Missionary chapter and BYU Women's conference talk}
  2. Monthly recipe
  3. Monthly letter - actual handwritten

  1. Temple at least monthly - hopefully WEEKLY
    1. studying “He Deliverth Me From Bondage”

Physical Health
  1. food therapist CHECK {and class}
  2. weight trainer weekly for _____weeks
  3. don't apologize for my body
  4. 10k OR running 2-3 times a week (record on check sheet)
  5. dance class at dance complex Monday or Tuesday
  6. arcadia OR Martha's Vineyard CHECK {Martha’s Vineyard}
  7. bike on cape cod (and camp) OR just long bike ride
  8. hike 6 times:
    1. with Shannon
    2. Mt. Elmore, VT
    3. Sharon, VT

  1. invite families to dessert - CHECK
  2. make a new friend/eye contact. Know the eye color of people CHECK
  3. send a friend the I like you book - CHECK
  4. visit Indiana- November CHECK
  5. Letter to friend
  6. visit Phoenix/Las Vegas
  7. visit Denver
  8. visit Dallas
  9. visit DC {Planned for October 11th}
  10. try to meet a woman i have long-time admired CHECK!!
  11. long lost friend over
    *added visit Portland, OR

  1. update resume/ goal for master's program CHECK
  2. read Disrupting Class
  3. read dating book by that Matt guy
  4. sew something
  5. drawing class

  1. go to the Isabella Gardner museum
  2. go to mfa
  3. go to 4 dance performances/ plays

  1. buy new car or have money in its own account.
  2. sell piano - CHECK On KSL
  3. have and use financial check sheet and eating sheet CHECK
  4. quicken up to date

there ya go! i have edited some of the specifics. but it's been fun to be a bit more deliberate with my time and the things i want to do with my time and life. i have actually have extra goals that i want to make sure i get in as well. i guess i am getting started early with my 37 for 37!

i have been more aware of the gift of my life and the incredible opportunities that are at my finger tips. and that i will have no one to blame but myself for not making my life full and rich. "someday" is a dangerous word because it probably won't ever happen (according to Tom Cruise in "Knight and Day" one of my favorite movies to watch when i travel!). so here's to no somedays!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

primary party

i love my primary kids!! this was their second primary party they earned. we are almost ready for another one. can i handle it?! their are crazy and when i pump them full of sugar, they some how get crazier! 3 girls + 6 boys + 1 me = fun!!

ice cream

i had no idea that new england was the land of ice cream. i can't believe the heavenly joy it as to be introduced to kimball farms. that first summer - when becca was here - we made sure we had 1/2 gallons of vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry in the freezer at all time. last year for my birthday, i think i had 3 different ice creams at three different places near Rockport. this year, Gifford ice cream made in Maine, has a brownie ice cream to celebrate LL Bean's 100 year anniversary or something. Who cares, the ice cream is a dream! 

thus, i was so excited when i saw a display at anthropolgie about ice cream! water colored drawings of ice cream! so i started to try to copy the idea. i didn't like how i colored it, so it never made it to the table of displays at my house. but still needed to have an ode to ice cream post!


it's been 2 full months since i have been back, but my boss and his wife headed back to england this past week and i have been  reminiscing about the glorious month i had in june. i am still pinching myself that i really got to be there (i still pinch myself that i have the job that i have. i have bruises everywhere!).

i lived in my own little apartment in a suburb of Oxford called Jericho. my apartment looked over a little school. it was completely perfect. these fantastic doors and homes were on the far side of the school. their colors and cheeriness made me happy every morning.

and this sky and view on the way home to my apartment made me happy every evening. the building below to the left is the Oxford University Press building. it was across the street from my apartment. one of the reasons i fell in love with Jericho.

 this is an empty field a few streets down from me. it has been empty for hundreds of years. there are wild horses and cows that roam freely here. when i was out one evening, the wild horses ran through and past me. they are used to people and don't freak out, but definitely do their own thing. it was magical with and without the animals.

i learned that there is no trip to england without hobnobs, crumpets, dairy milk bars . . .