Sunday, September 8, 2013


it's been 2 full months since i have been back, but my boss and his wife headed back to england this past week and i have been  reminiscing about the glorious month i had in june. i am still pinching myself that i really got to be there (i still pinch myself that i have the job that i have. i have bruises everywhere!).

i lived in my own little apartment in a suburb of Oxford called Jericho. my apartment looked over a little school. it was completely perfect. these fantastic doors and homes were on the far side of the school. their colors and cheeriness made me happy every morning.

and this sky and view on the way home to my apartment made me happy every evening. the building below to the left is the Oxford University Press building. it was across the street from my apartment. one of the reasons i fell in love with Jericho.

 this is an empty field a few streets down from me. it has been empty for hundreds of years. there are wild horses and cows that roam freely here. when i was out one evening, the wild horses ran through and past me. they are used to people and don't freak out, but definitely do their own thing. it was magical with and without the animals.

i learned that there is no trip to england without hobnobs, crumpets, dairy milk bars . . . 

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