Sunday, September 8, 2013

ice cream

i had no idea that new england was the land of ice cream. i can't believe the heavenly joy it as to be introduced to kimball farms. that first summer - when becca was here - we made sure we had 1/2 gallons of vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry in the freezer at all time. last year for my birthday, i think i had 3 different ice creams at three different places near Rockport. this year, Gifford ice cream made in Maine, has a brownie ice cream to celebrate LL Bean's 100 year anniversary or something. Who cares, the ice cream is a dream! 

thus, i was so excited when i saw a display at anthropolgie about ice cream! water colored drawings of ice cream! so i started to try to copy the idea. i didn't like how i colored it, so it never made it to the table of displays at my house. but still needed to have an ode to ice cream post!

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