Sunday, October 6, 2013


boston has been blessed for so many reasons. one is that i have been able to have my first "home." this is my first place i have lived by myself. and i have completely embraced creating my home (so many thoughts - especially this weekend during conference - about the difference between housekeeping and homemaking)!! 

i have deliberately chosen white furniture and neutrals so that i can change things for the seasons. i so love changing things up and celebrating the distinct differences of seasons. that is another thing i have realized i treasure - the distinct and full seasons boston experiences. 

so that is what i am doing tonight. as i am reflecting on the powerful weekend of insights and reminders from general conference, i am redecorating.

just for you gee-whiz collection and viewing pleasure, here are the decorations from the past year:

fall 2012

christmas 2012 

"winter" jan&feb 2012

summer 2012 - i have LOVED this season of decor. it was hard to take it down

spring 2012
 notice these books haven't changed . . . i guess i need to read more!!

i wish i had a gratitude sign for this season of fall decorating. i am feeling so grateful. it started with a surprise visit with treasured friends at the temple on friday. the kind of friends that make you want to be more, who uplift, encourage, and enlighten. it set the tone for my weekend as i remembered the vision of who i want to be as i was with my dear friend and her husband. thank you, amber!!

then to hear the words of general conference in the comfort and sweetness of my home on saturday. i spent each session with a dear friend. it was wonderful to not have any pressure to do or be anything, and yet have the comfortable companionship of a dear friend who loves conference like i do. we ate lots of good food and enjoyed a quick walk on the minute man trail. 

then dinner with wonderful friends. it was so lovely to laugh - deeply and loudly!!

this morning i was able to study before conference and was touched with specific thoughts about where i want to improve and change. it was tender to have these thoughts reconfirmed during the sunday sessions. my friend and i headed to a brunch with a different group of friends who always uplift and inspire me. then watched the sessions at church. 

i feel emotionally and spiritually stuffed. i have started creating a list of specific actions i feel nudged to do while listening to conference. i am excited to do/study these things and let the thoughts digest more fully into helping me be more. 

happy, bless-ed fall!


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I love your blog. I love your genuine love for good and beautiful.

It was so good to see you.