Thursday, November 21, 2013


i am in a thinking mood. and with a number of things that are making me remember things i want to do with my life.

  • mother is my number one dream job - if this doesn't happen, then a few others are
  • create a summer camp 
  • create classroom decorations for upper elementary and secondary school
  • religious teacher - get paid to read and study the scriptures might be cool
  • be an educational consultant and teach professional development courses to teachers about how to love their job, how to create leaders in their students, how to use the project approach
  • be a vice principal and basically "consult" in a school
  • be a professional organizer and decorator

i think i need to keep thinking!


do you ever have times in your life when you have a lot of questions? when you are pondering a lot of things? i appreciate the counsel to prepare for LDS General Conference by listing the questions you would like answers to. unfortunately, the timing of my questions don't always fall in line with General Conference (although i did get my conference talks spiral bound with plastic covers all ready for me to really study - so maybe i'll find answers now!). 

as i have been pondering different things, i realized this morning that there are people who know and love the topics i am pondering. how wonderful that i can simply email and reach out and ask!!

one question i have been wondering about is a phrase a treasured friend uses, "women need women." i love it and agree. and am wondering why? why do women need women? what is it that we long for when we gather? in Clay language, "what is the JOB" we are seeking to fulfill when we gather? are certain gatherings better and more inspiring uplifting? how are they? why? what are gatherings that aren't inspiring and lead us to be better, more holy women?

i also wonder if men need men in a similar way that women need women. i wonder about the value of Time Out for Women and why we don't have a Time Out for Men. why do we have a BYU Women's Conference and there isn't a BYU Men's Conference? do men not need to gather/want to gather like women do? why is that? 

yes, sometimes my mom thinks i should have study some type of sociology . . .